Friday, December 19, 2008

Words that Landon says

Landon uses a fork!! yay!
And he's talking, too. Here are some of the words he can say:



Where's the ball?

Balloon (more like "boon")

Poop (and then he lies down to get his diaper changed)

Boo (like peek-a-boo)

he signs "Milk" when he's thirsty

Lights (He started saying "lights" when his dad put up the Christmas lights this year. Every morning he wants to open the door and see the lights he knows were on last night)

And sometimes he says random stuff that i'm sure he means but doesn't repeat. Like yesterday, he pointed at his foot and said, "It's a foot." I asked him where his foot was and he showed me, but he didn't say it again. He nods a lot when you guess what he wants(and sometimes throws a fit if you try to give him what he doesn't want ~ like a nap or a nose-wipe). He's very independent and plays on his own a lot. It's scary when he's quiet for a while and i can't hear him. One time i ran all over the house looking and found him asleep on the floor in the girls' bedroom.

He's a pretty obedient kid most of the time. When i ask him to do something he does it happily. I know, he'll probably grow out of that soon. Sometimes if he doesn't want to do what someone (mostly Karlee) wants him to do, he does this amazing thing. He puts his head on the floor and throws his arms up behind him like a "downward facing dog" in a yoga for crazy people video. He actually posed for this picture. I asked him to do down-dog and he did.

Two Sundays ago marked his big 18-month move into the nursery. I had Megan take him the first time so he wouldn't have anxiety. It worked, and when i picked him up, he ran screaming from me to the door where they had locked his ball! Then last week he wouldn't have the nutty 6 year old carrying him again, so i figured it would be harder to say goodbye, but i let him look in the window and he wanted to get down and go in. Wahoo! Wahoo! Imagine me in the hall at church doing the victory dance, fingers pointed in the air, knees knocking.

He says more words, i just can't think what they are. Oh:

Yay! He throws both arms in the air and cheers "Yay!" after you finally guess what he wants to eat.

Surprisingly, no "Mama" yet... or "Daddy." Of course, i'm not listening as hard for that one. He knows his Daddy alright. When Dad's there, no one else will do. Unless... Dad's dressed up like a freaky old person in a red suit.

Funny, he didn't seem to have a problem sitting on this guy's lap. Of Course, this guy had candy. Karlee wouldn't go near either one, even though she saw the first one get dressed and knew who it was underneath all that combed polyester.

He says "shoes" and "juice" and "uh-uh" and "uh-oh" and probably about a dozen or so other words i can't remember right now. And maybe a thousand that he's saying and i just don't understand. This is my favorite age and i love this kid!!


Debbie said...

Lorinda you were up early girl today! Your son has grown so fast. I remember holding him outside when he just just a few weeks old and now he is 18 months? He is very cute and so are you!

Debbie Hadlock (De Ann’s sister)

bonnie jack said...

i love his words. what a cute boy.

Vicky said...

What a cute boy he is! That's so funny that he's saying all those words, but no mommy or daddy. Hope you get the happy helper kid forever.

Melissa Price said...

Sweet boy! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Come down and see my sometime soon!