Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a little nail polish

When i was a young girl, i was always designing and making new couture for my Barbies. My Barbies always won the fashion contests (in my mind anyway).

I never thought twice about a naked Barbie. Naked Barbies were part of the landscape, right?

Then my friend with 4 boys had a daughter who turned 5 and started playing with Barbies. Now aside from all the other issues Barbies create, she's worried about it making her boys uncomfortable. So i started a little informal poll.

And boys (at least the ones i asked) are (wow) uncomfortable with Barbie nakedness. Plus, i guess, now that you mention it to me(a mom of teenage boys), teenage boys don't really need more, you know... stimulation.

So i got an idea.
A little nail polish (okay, a lot of nail polish) could do wonders!

some of my nail polish

I've always harbored a fear right down in the middle of myself
that i'm really not creative.

That i am just a copycat.
pre-dressed Barbies

Still, i am tickled with our results.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


For several months, I've known, deep down in some cavernous part of my being
that I needed to revamp my sheet music situation.
All of my children have inherited musical talent
from both sides of their family.
Add that to a mother who is determined that they will overcome
the general lack
of ambition they inherited from her
so she has enrolled them in every possible toddler music class available for the last 15 years.
Just ask me. I know which one is best.
Anyway, that, plus my tendency to gather all available
resources around me
has led to a ridiculous amount of
sheet music.

Two weeks ago, piano teacher says I need to buy the
John Thompson's First Grade Book.
I have this book. I know I do.

Here Goes Nothin'.
Step 1 and 2:
Get all the music. Put it out on the floor.

Oops! I forgot a whole file drawer full!

I know, just get started, right?
Well, I was a little overwhelmed.
Luckily, Cherie
showed up
(Mr. LeFevre said I could hire her so that I have a small hope of getting it
all pulled together before my mom comes to visit next month).

Step 3: start sorting:
Piano Perfomance.
Legend of Zelda (what???).

Step 4: go through the stacks and "de-junk"
the word makes my head pulse.
My breath quickens and I start to see spots of light.
I can do this.

I gave a precious little to the
Deseret Industries.

Some got recycled (mostly practice copies).
Some even got thrown in the garbage.
Step 5: start filing.
I put the big books from all the categories on this shelf in my library:

In this armoire drawer in the piano room,
Organ and...
harmonica music

And still... I have orphans.

More filing(seriously? only one drawer?):
Note the bag of flashcards in the back.

a stack for big boys to make heads or tails of:
and just
4 short hours after beginning,
I have the floor in my front room back.

Someday, I hope to be Jenn's equal (ha!)
But for now...
at least I have my slightly used copy of John Thompson's First Book
(I guess I can take the one I just bought back and exchange it for Book the Second)
(oops, again).

Hooray for getting organized.
Did you know it can actually save you money?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Videos of Mom

Lyndee's pediatrician suggested
at her
check up last week
that I make a video of myself
for her to watch
while we are in Alaska for 10 days this Summer.
Without her
(Boo Hoo!).

I know, some of you are wondering
"What is this lady's problem?
Get a life outside of your children."

Believe me, I have a life
outside of my children.

I have hobbies.
Several of them, in fact
(uh-oh. where'd they go?).

I have friends
(They keep track of themselves, thank goodness).

It's just that
Who doesn't want to nibble these cheeks
for lunch?
photo by Bonnie Jack

or kiss that forehead at the end of the day?

So, the video:

1. Can I stand to watch myself long enough to edit a decent video?

2. What are some songs or finger plays I can do?

I thought of
Tooth Bugs (I do not want to clean my teeth...)
Here's a Ball for Baby (so big and soft and round...)
10 Little Fingers (...and they all belong to me...)
My Hands (... upon my head I'll place...)

3. What else can I do? Why is this so hard?


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lyndee's on my Team!

This is my first experiment with putting video
(woo hoo! high tech!)
on my blog.

aren't these two too cute?
and Landon?
(turn up the volume)

"Go Lyndee!"
This is the first race she won...
She'll be 1 year old next week.
Dexter is 7 months old.
This was the 4th or 5th race.
He was getting tired.

She's just getting the hang of it.