Saturday, May 21, 2011

Videos of Mom

Lyndee's pediatrician suggested
at her
check up last week
that I make a video of myself
for her to watch
while we are in Alaska for 10 days this Summer.
Without her
(Boo Hoo!).

I know, some of you are wondering
"What is this lady's problem?
Get a life outside of your children."

Believe me, I have a life
outside of my children.

I have hobbies.
Several of them, in fact
(uh-oh. where'd they go?).

I have friends
(They keep track of themselves, thank goodness).

It's just that
Who doesn't want to nibble these cheeks
for lunch?
photo by Bonnie Jack

or kiss that forehead at the end of the day?

So, the video:

1. Can I stand to watch myself long enough to edit a decent video?

2. What are some songs or finger plays I can do?

I thought of
Tooth Bugs (I do not want to clean my teeth...)
Here's a Ball for Baby (so big and soft and round...)
10 Little Fingers (...and they all belong to me...)
My Hands (... upon my head I'll place...)

3. What else can I do? Why is this so hard?



Spinsterchic said...

Why don't you read her a book?

Eddie Hopper said...

Doug read some of the kids favorite books on video before he went to Saudi when my boys were two. Unfortunately, he did not read them with his usual animation and so the monotone video did not hold their interest...
I have no doubt that you can add a little drama ;-).

Cindy at LottieBird said...

Oops. That was Cindy's comment, not Eddie's. I wonder what he would have suggested?
Do you have Sandran Boynton's "Doggies" and "But Not the Hippopotamus" and just about any of her board books? Those are the best to read out loud.

Becca said...

Any way you interact with her is good. Books, songs, finger plays, talking... What are some of the rituals you do?

Shirlene said...

Popcorn popping, Once there was a snowman, Where is thumbkin, Itsy bitsy spider. Also you could use any kind of puppets to act out little stories or bedtime routines that she is used to.