Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i miss you

Dear Wade,
What I forgot to tell you earlier when I said you could leave if you thought home was such a bad place and I was such a “sucky” mom was that I will miss you and our family won’t be complete without you and we are having taco salad for dinner and you are welcome to come home whenever you want to.
I love you.


De Ann said...

Did you find him?

Becca said...

We've been going through that with Bryce. I hope things turn around (or at least he will) so you can be complete. Big {{{HUG}}}.

Lorinda said...

Yes, we found him. He came home. well, my friend, Jenni found him and brought him home.

The Miller Millers said...

wow, scary Lorinda! I'm glad he is home safe and sound