Saturday, January 30, 2010

Birthday Cakes

Here is the cake that Karlee wants for her birthday celebration(in July) :

Here is the one I want to make:

This one is probably a little more realistic, since I don't even know how to make or use or buy fondant (is that what it's called?):

And... I've got 3 birthday anniversary celebrations and one real birthday before that one. oy.


Tawnie J said...

Cute and the last one that you will probably make will taste the best. Fondant is not yummy and you can't dip your finger in the cake for a taste of the frosting. My poor kids usually get purchased cakes. I am not a cake maker. Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, the last one is probably the yummiest. I made Avery a tinkerbell b-day cake that was pretty cool. It's on my blog was my first "fancy" cake. Good luck! I love Hello Kitty.

The Miller Millers said...

okay so guess what MY Hello Kitty cake would look like? a plain ole' cake with a Hello Kitty toy plopped down into the icing! :) Seriously though, there isn't much I hate worse than cake decorating, so I would be impressed with ANY of those options!!!
We had a Stake Women's conference today and our guest speaker was your kindred spirit I think! I kept thinking of how much you would love her, I'll have to tell you about it sometime

Cindy said...

You know how much I love Anna Maria Horner, right? Look at this posting (and the previous). I just read it and thought of sharing with you her experience of a family of 8 doing activites together (this time piercing ears). Then I saw your cake, and knew I needed to share!

EClaire said...

Fondant isn't the yummiest, but it is pretty and I could help you... :)