Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Are So Awesome/Pathetic

Can you believe how many medals we have? I mean, the athletes representing the United States of America (my country) have earned a truckload of medals so far at the Olympics in Vancouver.
Our athletes are amazing... and a little pathetic. I mean, do any of them know the words to "The Star Spangled Banner"? Some of them seemed proud and honored that they were playing our national anthem.

Evan Lysacek even put his hand over his heart, and one cute skier knew a phrase or two. Maybe they too overcome with emotion to mouth the words?
I was chastised by a friend recently for feeling that our country is the greatest country on Earth. She says it's conceited to feel that we are better than anyone else, though i don't think i necessarily feel "better" than anyone. I just think everyone should feel allegiance to and pride in their own country. I feel about The U.S. of A. how Captain Von Trapp felt about Austria... or at least how Christopher Plummer's version of him seemed to feel.
I'm just asking you to learn one verse of a not very long song, guys (and gals). Think you can you fit that in between workouts? Put it on your iPod. Listen to it in your private helicopter on the way to your very own private half-pipe.


Cindy at LottieBird said...

Yeah, I can learn it. As long as I don't have to actually sing it. That would be disrespectful to our country. I will lipsync instead. That's what I did when the women were asked to all sing in church.

Tawnie said...

Hey!! Those kitchens are from two people whose blogs I follow. And they both are very clean people and their kitchens always look nice. That is not real to me because mine NEVER can stay nice. So they inspire me....white and clean and beuatiful!!!

Monika said...

I totally agree! My mom and I were making the same comments about the athletes! I also agree that our country is one of the best. I get tired of how "awful" everything is. I realize things aren't great, but I would rather live here than anywhere else!