Friday, December 24, 2010

Fancy Schmancy

Someone please help me learn to use my camera.
Nikon D50
When the flash is not on(this is indoors in the dead of winter... only my 12 overhead kitchen lights plus the two lamps and the spotlight from the front room are on) my shutter speed is like a whole second.
Who can sit still for a whole second?

cool snowflake

When the flash is on, it looks like... well, the dead of winter... at night.
check out the freaky cat eyes

And i can see the gingerbread pictures I took yesterday on my camera's viewfinder, but they are not showing up on my PC... only the pix from the day before yesterday are here.

More cool stuff about Snowflakes.
Am I obsessed?

Ok, maybe a little.


christine said...

Ya, you don't need flash....I never use it unless I have to.

Have you tried increasing your ISO?

What you could do is put it on P and see what the readings tell you and go from there.

Or you could put it on A and push your aperture as wide as possible to get more light in. You'll have to stand still to avoid camera shake.

Taking pics inside is always hard though.

russell jack said...

get a faster lens. a 35mm f/2 could be fun. my guess is your zoom has a max aperture of 3.5 to 5.6 (depending on how far zoomed you are). the 35mm f/2 will let you get shutter speeds up to 4x faster.