Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Wednesday Wars

I will never never never catch up with Megan.  She just reads faster than I do... and more than I can.  But she has gotten me to read a few books, including
 Michael Vey, the Prisoner of Cell 25,
the Percy Jackson series,
and Found, by Magaret Petersen Haddix. 

All of which I enjoyed, and nothing against Richard Paul Evans, nor Rick Riordan nor Margaret Haddix, but these are all... how do I say this? um... adventure series.  But this latest book she has brought home from school is a classic.  I'm talking right up there with A Long Way From Chicago...  and maybe even dare I say, 
To Kill a Mockingbird.  This book is The Wednesday Wars
It made me laugh out loud and cry (a lot) and feel every emotion in between.  It made me want to read Shakespeare and think maybe even I could understand it. It showed me a side of U.S. history that I had not seriously considered. 

But I'd love to hear from some of you who have actually read Shakespeare.  Or who were alive when Bobby Kennedy was shot.  Is The Wednesday Wars as good as I think it is?  Will kids read it?  Will it affect them like it did me?  Megan said she liked it, and she admits she laughed and she cried (a little).  She recommended it, but, "well, it was not as good as Percy Jackson." 

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Ioana said...

I had to read The Wednesday Wars for one of my classes and it has instantly became one of my favorite books! I absolutely LOVED it! I'm wondering though if the kids need a little bit of a historical background before they read it so that they can better understand some of the issues he's talking about and the life he leads. I did read Shakespeare and I need to do it again, as some of the stuff goes right over my head! lol
ps: Megan is an AWESOME reader (but you already know that :)