Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Eyes (and Hands and Chins) Have It

The writers of one of my favorite blogs recently challenged us to take pictures of eyes that capture us. I had just that day taken these photos of my daughters eyes by which I am completely mesmerized(the eyes, not the photos).
I mean, wow! You really have to see them in person, the photos don't do them justice. I can't even figure out what color they are. what color aren't they? They are brown and gray and blue and green and gold, even lavender on some days. I could spend days (years?) just looking at these eyes.
And then I realized that the miracle of these beautiful children who amazingly enough were once within my own womb have so many fascinating parts:
!Ihandsfingers and toes

noses (... well)
and especially cheeks.
And this doesn't even include those beautiful teenage boys who constantly amaze me with their size and their glorious adolescent faces.


Anonymous said...

what awesome pictures!
I am obsessed with my kids' eyes too. :)

Jennifer said...

Beautiful! The girl, the pictures, the eyes (which are hazel--it's the catch-all name).

Quiltgirl said...

We don't call 'em hazel. We call 'em "mysterious." I like that name better.