Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Rose by Any Name

Don't you think it's a lot of pressure to choose the name by which another human being will be known for her whole life? I mean what if you name her Margaret and she's really a Debbie? Does that ever really happen, though? I mean, have you ever met someone and thought, "She doesn't seem like a Tiffanie?" Ok, so once it happened to me. My sister was dating this guy named Ryan (i think it was Ryan) and I could only call him James ~ he just seemed like James to me. So, his parents must've named him wrong, right?
So I know that kids are mean and they will find a way to make fun of your child's name no matter how careful you are. Still, it's a huge responsibility. You have to find a name that's not so strange that people can't understand you or laugh when they hear it, but it has to be unusual enough to not be the same as every other kindergartner the year your child starts school. Which I've decided is impossible. No matter how unusual the name you choose, it's a matter of collective consciousness and your name will be in the top 10 for that year because everyone else liked it and thought it wasn't too common.
After our little one finally opened her bruised and bloodstained eyes so we could see who she was,
we got out our "short" list of 25 or so names. The problem with girls is you have a little more freedom. You can choose something cute or whimsical like Chloe or Zoe and that's great, or you can totally use a boy name like Ryan or Cameron or Tyler and no one is going to question you... ok, so I really wanted to name our baby girl Derek and I did get a little resistance from the general population on that one, but you can't do the same thing to a boy and name him a girl name... not even a name that used to belong to boys, like Leslie or Shannon. The reason this freedom is a problem is that there are so many great names to choose from and we had a hard time eliminating any of them.
We knew her middle name already, because both of our older girls are named for one of their grandmas (Megan for Darlene and Karlee for Patricia Kathleen) and we really wanted to name this one after my Mom,
whose middle name is Jeanne. Still, there are about 24 perfect names that go really well with "Jeanne." And there was always the option of using Jeanne for the first name or using my mom's first name and another middle name.
We finally agreed on the name that we think is the perfect combination of adorable and pleasant, sweet and dignified, charming and well-possessed, original but not too strange:

Lyndee Jeanne

speaking of Roses, Karlee first wanted the Name Karlee Rose, then Katie Rose, then Rosella. Landon of course, wanted Derek, then Roselle.
Megan came up with a lovely name every other day or so and the big boys never changed their votes from Kara (like Clark's cousin, Kara Kent... not obsessed with superheroes over here, nope). I really liked Lavender Rose and if this says anything about me, i wanted to name her that simply because when Megan told Darlene, her response was, "that's not a name for a baby." Then when Lyndee was born, she was more violet than lavender. oh, well.
and Michael says there is a rose named Lyndee (prob'ly Lindy). Looks like I get another rose bush to prune... or not prune.


Becca said...

I like it! That's two LJ's in the fam. Lydia Jeanne and Lyndee Jeanne. When's a good time to come visit?

Becca said...

Um, hello? William and Wade are totally right! She's Clark's cousin, her name should be Kara! :P

Aonika and Richard said...

I LOVE the name and I am happy that she has one. :) Glad to know what she will be called... Hope you are doing well... if you need anything give me a call. :)

Tawnie said...

i love her name. my delivery nurse was named lindi. so cute. we are home now with a nameless baby. We have until Tuesday to decide. Our short list, about as short as yours, stayed with us through the hospital. Then this morning it was narrowed down to 2 names. So now we have a few days to choose between those two names!! I like how you spell it. So happy for you. And I'll have to chat with you sometime about my labor. It was AWESOME. Thanks for the tips. Especially stay close to the hospital. She was born 20 minutes after we got there and only because we had to wait for the doc to get there. ciao!!

Heather said...

She's a beauty!! And your mom looks fabulous, too, by the way. I've had the same stresses about naming our kids - who am I to chose what they will be known as for their whole lives? I felt for about a week that we had picked the wrong name for Esther, so we just called her by her Chinese name until we left China. Turns out that her American name didn't fit her until she became an American! And Eva was old enough when we met her that we gave her a choice of a few names, and she picked her own American name. Although the translator said "Ewa," instead of "Eva." Close enough, I guess. ANYWAY, I'm really happy for you - you've got your gaggle of girls (what's a group of boys called? A bonk? A bounce?)

Cindy at LottieBird said...

Lyndee LeFevre.
And Rose is a Rose is a Rose and not a Chloe!
But sometimes a Liz...

kiwiwanabe1 said...

Yay for Roses! I always wanted to have an Audrey Hepburn and Clark Gable or Gregory Peck rose bush. She is adorable. I'll have to come back when I'm not rushing and can squeeze her! Love ya!

Tricia said...

You are so funny. I love reading your blog and your newest princess is adorable. Good original name. We always have trouble naming ours too. My boy was the hardest. We'd love to see you while we are in Utah in a couple of weeks.

bonnie jack said...

yes, and now i have another boy to name. what will i do?

Melissa Price said...

She is gorgeous! Good job- I am so happy for y'all!